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By GolfPublisher Staff,
Staff Report

Your feature on Niagara's golf boom is a rah-rah piece that does little to get in-depth about what's really happening with golf in Niagara. It's true that there has been a building boom but many of the new,high-end courses are suffering and their resulting discounting has hurt the lower-end courses in the region. Some of Niagara's courses have created a golf destination marketing group but it is in its infancy and has yet to have any effect.

Also, you're listing of Beechwood as an elite course is surprising.Beechwood is part of the golf destination group and clearly lists itself on the group's Website as being a step below Hunter's Pointe, Peninsula Lakes and the others listed. Also, the article fails to mention several other high-end developments that have already started or are proposed for Niagara.

Bernie Puchalski, Ontario, Canada

Doesn't add up

I believe your reference to an average round of golf in New Brunswick costing an average of $65 is grossly inflated. There are probably only 4-6 courses in all of N.B with these greens fees. A more accurate figure would be $30-40.

Mike Norman, via email

Money matters in Myrtle Beach

I'm writing about John Gordon's article on Affordability for Canadians to go to Myrtle Beach. I disagree with John when he says you have to go in Jan.because October prices are far too high. Our group has been going in October. For the last 6 years, the weather is usually in the 70's sometimes 80's which you wouldn't get in January. As far as prices go we stay at the Caravelle, $550 for 7 nights split between four guys is about $138 a golfer for 7 nights accommodation.

As far as golf goes we purchase a card from the TSC group for $50,and play Indigo Creek,Wicked Stick, Diamondback for $29 incl. cart. Can also play The Tradition and a few other high end courses for $52 incl. cart but we stick to the $29 courses. In our trip we play usually 9 rounds of golf, $261 plus $50 for the card=$311 for 9 rounds of golf. Add the accommodation of $138 for a total of $449. That is a deal for 9 rounds plus accommodation in October.

Stu Fenner, Ontario, Canada

Leaves him wanting more

I like a lot of the features I read in GolfCanada.com but would to read a little more about equipment inside the instructions compartment. A recent article about alignment would mean more to some rookie golfers if the article included comments about inconsistent club lies/lofts/lengths for cause before readjusting stance ( i.e. if clubs are not properly matched for lie then the alignment for one iron might not be the same for another).

Doug Gervais, Kanata

Thanks for the feedback, Doug. Our goal with any equipment feature is to appeal to a wide spectrum of golfers, and we'll definitely keep your note in mind in the future. -Ed.

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