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By GolfPublisher Staff,
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Leaves him wanting more

I like a lot of the features I read in GolfCanada.com but would to read a little more about equipment inside the instructions compartment. A recent article about alignment would mean more to some rookie golfers if the article included comments about inconsistent club lies/lofts/lengths for cause before readjusting stance ( i.e. if clubs are not properly matched for lie then the alignment for one iron might not be the same for another).

Doug Gervais, Kanata

Thanks for the feedback, Doug. Our goal with any equipment feature is to appeal to a wide spectrum of golfers, and we'll definitely keep your note in mind in the future. -Ed.

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  • E-mail address(es) of Golf Canada

    Gary W. Pitts wrote on: Apr 26, 2010

    It would be nice to have an e-mail address to contact GolfCanada-especially their new Exec. Director.
    I hope that they are not as reclusive as their pre-decessor- The RCGA.
    Gary W. Pitts,
    Golf Performance Enhancement Specialist